When I embraced Laziness, I became more efficient | Laziness, Consistency & Self


Month of April, I embraced laziness and my own nature of being a consistently in-consistent person. It is liberating when I can wholeheartedly accept own self shedding all the judgmental thoughts or driving an intention of “becoming” something else.

Laziness is a blessing in disguise. Being lazy can bring in a lot of stress-free happiness to self. It is a high-value skill to be able to recognize and apply when needed for a specific lifestyle. 

Check out the podcast episode where I talk about this in more depth here: Soul I the Game #72


Consistency has always been a top-down mental model for me. It always felt like I have to be consistent because of <…>. This brought a lot of shadow of stress along with it. I have always felt it when I forced myself to be consistent. The month of April shed a lot of light on this behavior of mine. It helped me to accept me as an inconsistent self and enjoy what I do, taking more of a grass-roots approach. I would always lean towards sustainability of something than being consistent at something. Because that is the model that works best and keeps me happy! 

Why focus on happiness — so that I can share the best part of myself with the world!!


One of the biggest realizations, as I am writing this, is the aspect of self, self is not a silo of “me”. Self is an ocean of reflection of humanity. The me in “me” can become too cornered when zoomed in too much. Zooming out, it is just as same as it is in everyone else and we are reflecting the energy off of each other.

Check out the episode in the podcast where I explain all of this learning a bit more here: Soul in the Game: #72