How to remove your personal information from Google

Google is giving users a new option for removing their personal information from search results.

In a Wednesday blog post, the company confirmed it had updated its policies concerning the removal of personal content in response to the continuously “evolving” internet.

Open access to information is the key goal of the search, Google acknowledged, but not when it can cause potential harm, the company said.

“The availability of personal contact information online can be jarring — and it can be used in harmful ways, including for unwanted direct contact or even physical harm,” Google wrote. “And people have given us feedback that they would like the ability to remove this type of information from Search in some cases.”

Google had previously allowed users to request the removal of other types of sensitive information from search, including banking information or Social Security numbers. With this latest update, Google hopes to give users more of “the tools they need to protect their safety and privacy online,” according to the blog post.

One last thing…

Remember to be patient when going through this process, and don’t expect to complete it in one day. You may also have to accept that there are some things you won’t be able to permanently delete from the internet.

Users can file a removal request for Google to evaluate at its support site.