Mind the Finance: Meditating Money

Meditating could have an impact on your finances!

The Mind is like money. It sits in a holding account and unless it is fully allocated or invested, it provides little returns.

The best way to improve your finances is to take the time to be hands-on – this involves honestly knowing where your money is coming from/going, and thinking through the best options on how to optimize this and work it in your favor.

There is a strong correlation between meditating and success. Some people forget the value of reflection. It helps you push through whatever challenges you may be facing. It helps you to come out of your negative fear about handling finances or investment, as the art of finance is simple and easy. Needs persistent and lot of patience. And, that comes through meditation.

Meditate about the purpose of money and your financial fears. Money, like energy, is meant to move from one owner to another and it blesses the one who knows how to use it. Meditation gives clarity of thoughts. It helps you chalk out proper planning to save and retain your finances and focus more on your spending habits that can be Marie Kondo’d.

If you can’t concentrate for longer periods of time, you have what’s called a ‘monkey brain’ which is exactly opposite of a ‘money brain’; an extreme focus that a mind can produce. If your mind’s thoughts are scattered, you can never yield.