As Budget 2019 approaches, which sectors should one concentrate to maximize profit and build a strong portfolio – A general observation

The Indian economy is sliding and monsoons are also not helping. India is amidst great fiscal constraints. A budget should take care of a few important things. It should take steps to actually boost the economy so that the sentiment of the masses is taken care of.

The government is expected to use the funds to recapitalize public sector banks and also provide impetus to the otherwise dwindling credit crisis. The government is required to use a fiscal kitty in sectors like – consumption and service providing companies. Also, infrastructure will get a great step-up mainly the projects that safely keeps the rural infrastructure development.

Stocks at 52 weeks high (as on 27/7/2019)

(Nifty 50 only)

1. Bajaj Finance

2. HDFC Bank

3. Power Grid

4. Titan

5. ICICI Bank

Although the IT and import businesses might slack up a bit owing to the rumored tax – the wealth tax of roughly 1% that might create great dissent amongst the business houses and the investors.

Much is awaited for the government to come up with some drastic guidelines to help solve the credit crisis and uplift public sector banks and boost NBFC in order to get a good drift and positive rally.

Keeping in mind that there is a lot of economic and political turmoil globally, it would be engaging to anticipate the Indian sentiments and rally before the D-day appears. Till then, one can only hope.