Is Drop-shipping a good idea? Hear what the people into this business have to say!

We asked a bunch of people about Drop-shipping about their experiences. This is how they responded.

What are Dropshipping fundamentals?

Drop shipping is about finding a good supplier. Pick a product then and start marketing it. You have a bottom line price to set your prices. Once you get a sell or an order you know how much it’ll be to get the product so you order that item and have it shipped to the address of the buyer. The difference between your purchase price and the price you sell it for is your profit.

Is Dropshipping a good idea?

  • ‌Drop shipping is a good idea because you don’t have to carry any inventory
  • ‌It’s a good way to start making some extra money online
  • Yes, I’ve made millions of Dropshipping. As long as you do it right and follow the rules of the platform you’re using you’ll do great
  • ‌It used to be. It isn’t so much anymore. Amazon has set algorithms against it’s success. It’s now a risk
  • ‌I have been Dropshipping for 3 months now. It’s been a blessing
  • ‌Anyone who says “Dropshipping is dead” probably tried it for about an hour, failed and gave up