Decoding the mystery of Telomeres to reverse the process of Ageing

What is Telomere and does it shrink aging?

The answer is DNA fragments that protect the chromosomes at the tips are telomeres and YES one can reverse cellular ageing by lengthening the telomeres.

Humans are always anxious about their life span. We all want to live longer. Stay younger. We all want the finiteness. So much that scientists around the world have conducted many researches on this field to solve the problem of ageing. But alas as there is no fountain of youth, no solution to ageing has been found out yet.

But you can certainly work to get long telomeres.

Here’s how you can get long telomeres:

1) Eating wholesome plant based diet

2) Eat nuts and zero sugar diet

3) Eat grass fed/finished beef, wild caught salmon, pasture raised chicken & eggs, natural pork,a few green leafy vegetables & a few berries

4) Eat no junk foods or processed foods

5) Drink Water, tea, coffee, & a little red wine

6) Fast. Only eat when hungry.  

7) Get plenty of sleep.

8) Get lots of Sun. + vitamin K and Vitamin D. Vitamin K is very effective too “keep” your telomeres long. But it also has to do with your phenotype.