What the social mindful gurus won’t tell you about the simple art of living


Revive a long lost Art. Don’t tell anyone.

Enroll in courses. Don’t tell anyone

Give to the less fortunate. Don’t tell anyone.

Chase your dreams. Don’t tell anyone.

Travel the world. Don’t tell anyone.

Cross out your goals. Don’t tell anyone.

Work hard in the gym. Don’t tell anyone.

Move to another country. Don’t tell anyone.

Grind hard daily. Don’t tell anyone.

Make millions. Don’t tell anyone.


I know.

We live in the social media era.

Everyone wants to tell everyone, everything.

Same for me. No respite.

But real power is in Mystery.

Living for the approval of others is a waste of life.

Who cares what you think. Who cares what I think.

Live for yourself.

And don’t tell anyone.

P.S. When it comes to marketing, this is horrible advice. TELL THE WORLD.

Invisible strings in form of other’s approval or opinion will always keep you tied.

Cut the cord.

Become free.

P.S.S. A funny thing happens when you stop telling everyone, everything.

You realize 90% of the shit you were doing was only being done so you could tell someone. Once you eliminate that desire, you finally start singing the tune locked inside you.

The tune you’ve always wanted to sing — but never had the guts to sing.

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