Why Money Making With Side Hustle Is Seducing The Classes: Analysis of The Statistics ​

Multiple Salaried jobs or Side Hustle Multiple employment, is a new form of work that seems to be taking root. Today, most of the employees would like to pursue two salaried activities in parallel. The side hustle is in!

These people wear multiple hats. They are a weekly consultant and a waiter on the weekends, a computer specialist during the day and a DJ in the evening, or a salaried doctor and an also a dance teacher. These people who have multiple jobs. These jobs are distantly apart from their each other. The only thing common is they pursue their passion sideways or learn a new skill and are profiting on it.

So yes, the “slashing” that is working two or multiple salaried jobs is sometimes a situation suffered, especially for financial reasons. But it is also, and increasingly, particularly among younger generations, a choice assumed: the “multi-professions” is indeed also perceived as a way to flourish, to break a routine or to navigate in different worlds. In short, this phenomenon is in full swing.

But what is the reality today? What does the Statistics say about the segregation of the class that is more into multiple jobs? Generally, people under 30 are the ones who top the chart. Being the beginners in any sector they have the least job pressure and hence logically they can utilize their free time and energy in sourcing other sources of income. The figure drops at 30-39 age group followed by the 50-59 age group.

The accumulation of multiple salaried activities varies according to the sector of activity as well. Employees in education and health can be assumed to take up other jobs in parallel that is in conjunction with their existing jobs like tutoring online or decreeing medical awareness on the internet. Employees in civil engineering, personal services and commerce, and hotels, bank-insurance, and administration are also concerned with two-time jobs. But there is a decrease in the percentage of engagements.

Very few accept part times jobs because two full-time job is either preposterous because family obligations to meet or not sanctioned by the state of law or firm.

The cities and allowances of the cities also play an important part. For example, a metro city assures good payment with several allowances. Hence, an individual doesn’t regard the insufficiency, if at all it is, to opt for two jobs. The expenses are more but budgeting can help.

Dominate your career, while also making real moves on a side hustle that will let you ditch the said career one day, who knows!


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