Thinking to change your career? The grass is green as you want it to be!

Take ownership:

If you have stopped improving as a professional and in your sheer confusion you end up blaming your management, company policies and its objective, you’d need to reconsider your career. That includes analyzing your shortcomings as well. Where do you see your career heading? Would making a change in your career fulfill your objective. If yes, take the ownership. Analyze. Decide. Take the plunge. Win.

Take Risks:

Not every person does the same set of work in the same fashion. Some like the conventional way. Others take bold steps. If your career demands you to accede to traditional approach but you are the round peg in a square hole, you like to take risks and emerge as a winner then it’s likely you part ways. But always remember higher risks begets higher returns.

Continue your Education:

You keep on denying but it may happen you might need additional skills and knowledge to move ahead in your career. After slogging for hours and doing the same set of repetitive tasks, you become frustrated at some point because there is no scope of knowledge enhancement. You need something to trigger your mind to get totally engaged in your work. If learning from any source accentuates your skills and inspires you to work in a better way, it can act phenomenal in achieving your career goals. Many online courses are catering the need to learn new programming language, data analytics, advanced accounting, other certificate programs almost FREE or charging peanuts and you do not need to shed huge bucks on fancy schools. Register to participate in webinars, online programs, short courses and see the difference.

Become Entrepreneurial:

When someone offers you money do you say no I have a salary? You may love your 9-5 job and yet aspire to be entrepreneurial. Yes, an extra stream of income never hurts, right? Or even if you hate your job because you feel you are under-utilized, starting some business of your own (while working in the existing firm) is never a bad idea. You get the hands-on entrepreneurial experience/skills first and then work full time in your own business, once you scale up.

Get social:

Getting social is tough but not impossible for introverts. One of the major reason why an individual looks out to switch his existing job is, he isn’t able to gel with the people around. But there’s a solution. Each day, reach out to one person of contact. The result would be phenomenal in the long run as your networking activities would start getting outbound-based. People would reach out to you seeking advice or opportunities, based on the content or insights you delivered before. People value what stays with them or solves their problems. Solve their problems and pitch your service or product. Easy peasy.

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