5 Things One Must Avoid To Not Lose Out Followers And Not Downgrade The Social Image

It is definitely not an onerous task to chance upon the opportunities and scopes, social media gives to a hard-working man. However, it is important to follow some basic etiquettes when engaging with people. Poor social graces and absence of decorum can result in people ignoring the posts or un-following your social media account or page.


1. Do not post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable saying in person. If you are targeting a brand or a group, there are ways to tackle or express. The presence of subtlety makes all the difference. The Internet is savvy and people are navigating. One would come upon your post targeting them. That deforms your personal brand. Never face situations that cannot be repaired or undergo Kintsukuroi.

2. Do not solicit for likes, follows, or fans. If you produce quality content that adds value, people will automatically like your page and want to follow you.

3. If you want to give advice or offer a promotion, you need to stick to that by any chance and not walk away as per convenience. That attitude is often misleading and is taken as unprofessional.

4. Never use your Ads inaccurately being injudicious. Don’t be too sales driven that you irritate the customers. Let them be curious about the content and the product advertised.

5. Never lose your cool while responding to negative feedbacks. You counter by being logical. Counter the argument and never the person. That’s the sign of sound communication.

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