The 3 Things NO One Tells You About Blogging

Quoting Sun Tzu in response to “What should you do?”, the answer is not “do this”, but a counter inquiry of “Where are you going to do this?”. But most often we fail to answer the most decisive question, “why are you going to do this?”

Yes, all difference is being made by asking the simple question — WHY

For most bloggers, answers to these questions are clear:

1) what to blog
2) where to find a host
3) what should the domain name be
4) how to make money out of blogging
5) which blogging niche results into more traffic
6) how to find a niche
7) how to be interesting and honest (which I am trying to be here)

But, despite of having all tools and resources, why is it that most of the blogs go unnoticed?


It is simply because the answer to — “why blogging” is not clear.

The power of “why”

If we analyze the list of reasons as to why people blog, we will see — a person blogs because blogging helps in his personal or professional growth. A person through his blog shares his story. His passion. Through his story or passion, people find solutions to their problems or an inquisition finds answers to questions that enraptures him. This drives people to come on board and further engage with more such topics that serve them well, allows them to grow. People look forward to those beliefs and products that make them the better version of themselves.

So what a blogger is actually doing? He is selling or proposing the problem that he has solved for the masses and not just highlighting the mere product that he is manufacturing. Most of the products talk about “what it is” and “how it is” but one never knows “why it is”.

Simplicity is the key

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” — Ann Handley

And that is through Simplicity.

Delivering the solutions in the simplest way possible is again a challenging task. Only a Zen mind is capable of it. A Zen mind is a beginner’s mind. Before his death, Jigoro Kano, the founder of JUDO, had requested his students, “Bury me in my white belt”. His last wish was to be remembered as a learner and not a master. Apple products are always marketed keeping in mind it is free from the cult of complexity.

Defining and solving the problem

Focussing on niche to address people’s problems is a good way to start for a beginner. Different people have different problems and a blogger never knows how his story resonates with the other people and solves their problems. One can only try.

So here’s us, trying to blog with an intention to pen down whatever we experience in our lives in any domain, in any space: tech, business, finance, investing, budgeting, food, lifestyle, culture etc and weaving tales and trying to solve issues by putting forward solutions or steps which in turn might help our readers, in any possible way. Thus, blogging for us is to collaborate with our readers to assist and create a community where we all can interact and weave our stories together to feel connected to our “purpose”.

Comments and participation is always welcomed.

Thanks for dropping by.