Google Hangouts is shutting down

GoodBye, Google Hangouts. . .

Come 2019 and we would be saying farewell to Google Hangouts that provided chat services via text, voice, and video both face-to-face and in a group exchange. Hangouts so far is interrelated with Google+ and Gmail. Hangouts client applications are available on Android and iOS.

Google Hangouts gained popularity as it excelled and dealt with business offerings. Google Hangouts is extensively used by companies as a platform to interact with their customers or partners. This Google tool gained popularity as it provided professional seminars to wider audience with it’s “On Air” feature. On Air feature allowed Google+ (Google plans sunsetting Consumer Google+ in August 2019) users to stream video calls to YouTube in real time just like a TV channel.

Besides all other Google chat-messenger apps, Google Hangouts is the most reliable that they have created.

What will replace Google hangouts Dialer? Many people used it to make calls to US; the call cost being almost nil or zero. (Imagine) Free calls to US!!! Now people will have to look for alternatives. Talkathon? What are other possible solutions? Android has it’s web messaging but what about the video calls? People are low-spirited reviewing the abandonment by Google and are also calling it a “horrendous” idea. With Google Hangouts shutting down, sometime around 2019 or 2020, with whom are you going to hang out?!

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