A Valentine’s Gift: Self Love Is An Inside Job, Learn To Love Yourself

A part of me wants to be that girl who wakes up and goes for a jog and the comes inside for a smoothie & a healthy breakfast but in reality, I wake up at like 11 AM & then eat junk food & leftovers… &… I’m okay with that…Self-love anyway baby ❤”

Feeling like royal, painting your nails, eating junk food all day, going to the gym or just avoiding it for months, all of these make your day because you want to live life at your terms. You call these set of activities, a self-love ritual. But is this self-love?

With Valentine’s nearing, all we can do is love that one person around whom the world is revolving. Yes, that’s us!!!

First of all, is loving mean changing? We can love ourselves and not change a bit. But late modernization and consumerism have successfully triumphed in making us believe that we should be chasing our “better” versions. Social Media just affiliates this theory. In this race of trailing, seeking and hunting down, we have somewhere failed to love ourselves.

The Virtual image of us is rosy and successful. This is because we are subconsciously aping or comparing the other seemingly successful social media personality with us all the time and in turn, we end up hating our present selves. Can we prevent ourselves from self-loathing attacks and love our own identities?

Do not compare yourself to other people. Trust that you’re making progress in your own time. You can reach your dreams. Everything will be okay. Learn to be kind and forgiving to yourself. You’re worthy of love and you are far lovelier than you make yourself out to be.

This self-love through self-care can be achieved, by loving ourselves a little more and getting serious in our lives.

Get serious – about your peace

Get serious – about your future

Get serious – about your goals

Get serious – about your faith

Get serious – about your mind

Get serious – about your body

Get serious – about your life

Get serious – about yourself

Love Yourself 💝

This Valentine’s Day spread the love starting with yourself.

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