The Hardest Thing To Build A Business Is…


2019 is here. A New Year with lot many expectations. Too many dreams to fulfill. Too many ways to achieve our goals. We focus on what’s the best but generally tend to ignore mulling over what doesn’t work. Why does a business model fail? What are the hardest things to build a business?

We interviewed few people into business: both clicks and bricks, about their respective experiences and got these answers. Listen straight from the horse’s mouth.


  1. For an IT startup, contacts and leads
  2. 2Ds: Determination and Discipline
  3. Convincing people that whatever idea/product you have is legitimate and getting them to join
  4. Finding people with the right mindset and attitude to build the product
  5. Getting clients
  6. Finding what kind of business to get into, what’s best, what is more, likely to succeed and not bury into a mountain of debt that will financially ruin you, and the backing to get it started once you do have a game plan
  7. Creating a business plan and sticking to it when all signs indicate that you give up
  8. Lack of knowledge: market and niche
  9. Inability to LEAD the team
  10. Finding online lead (say manufacturer or wholesaler) that is not a scam
  11. Generating traffic for an E-commerce store
  12. Not giving up in any situation

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