Who is Padmalakshmi?

Amma : Padmalakshmi wake up..

Padma : Amma(mother) don’t call me with that name. It is so old fashioned, why didn’t you choose a better name for me?

Amma : There is nothing wrong in your name.

Padma : There is a problem! People make fun of it at college, they call me peddalakshmi, pedamma and what not 🙄

Amma : Don’t worry about that and be proud of what your name is and what you are.

Padma : Proud? Of this name? Amma please…

Padma goes back to her room complaining about her name..

Amma thinks about this conversation and decides over something.

After a few days.

An old red oxide floored house with meshed windows, Amma knocks at the door and an old woman in her 80’s opens the door and smiles so widely that Padma anxiously looks at her denture.

They enter, the old woman offers filter coffee and benne chakli, Padma loves the taste. They talk for a while.

Later, Padma and the woman goes to the garden. Padma starts to pluck the flowers for evening pooja while listening to the stories said by the old woman.

Amma : Lunch is ready.

After lunch they leave and as they leave Padma questions the old lady…

Padma : Ajji(Grandma), do you stay alone here?

Ajji : Yes child.

Padma : Don’t you have anyone to take care of you? How do you manage?

Ajji : I can manage child. I am used to it.

Amma tells Padma that it’s time to leave and Padma tells Ajji that she will come back again.

Back at home.

Padma : I feel sad for Ajji.

Amma : Don’t worry Padma.

Padma : Amma but how do you know her? I haven’t seen her or met her before…

Amma : I know her from a long time.

Padma : Doesn’t she have anyone? What about her family?

Amma : She had one.

Padma : What do you mean Amma?

Amma : She had lost her husband when she was young. She had a son who was married and had a beautiful daughter just like you. When her grand-daughter was a year old, she lost her son and daughter in law in an accident and her family didn’t support her. She was all alone and directionless.

Padma : What about her grand-daughter now?

Amma : She was in a state where she couldn’t nurture her grandchild and when a couple who did not have kids requested her to give her grand child in adoption to them and promised her to take care of her grandchild and give her a better future she agreed and she had no option as her grand child’s future was more important to her than her’s, she agreed and let her grandchild go.

Padma thought all night about the old lady.

Next day Padma and her Amma went to the old lady’s place.

They spent the entire day.

But, while leaving Padma said something…

Padma : Amma we will take Ajji with us. We will take care of her, I promise to be by her side and I will convince Appa about this. Please Amma.

Amma was in tears and she agreed. Padma, Amma and Ajji returned home. Appa agreed and Padma was very happy.

That night.

Padma : Ajji what’s your name?

Ajji : Padmalakshmi.

Padma was surprised and happy as they both shared the same name.

But, little did she know that the grand-daughter who was adopted from the old lady was her.

She never complained about her name again. She was happy that she had the name of her Ajji.